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Mar 27
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Orangatangs2Don’t Palm us Off encouraged the community to take action to weaken Australia’s link to the rapid loss of South East Asian rainforest species due to the unsustainable production of palm oil (currently found in more than 40% of supermarket food products). Don’t Palm us Off inspired 162,317 people to sign a petition calling for mandatory labelling of palm oil, influenced the introduction of a parliamentary bill seeking fair labelling legislation and saw awareness within Victoria rise from 54.3% to 75.2%. The Palm Oil Bill now moves to be voted on in the House of Representatives which at the time of this submission had not yet taken place. Should it be passed, the Bill will become law and it will be mandatory to label palm oil in all products in Australia. It is likely that the conservation benefits generated from this initiative will continue and Zoos Victoria will continue to support the Australian parliamentary process and ensure the issue is kept front of mind.


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