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Feb 27
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Reef Check Australia, QLD

reef_checkReef Check Australia’s community coral reef monitoring project on the Great Barrier Reef provides a high level of scientific research training to enable community volunteers to monitor the health of this precious underwater resource. Once qualified, the volunteer surveyors participate in scuba monitoring, collecting high quality data on coral reef health. As a long term monitoring commitment, the project provides a much-needed baseline data set from 2001 onwards. These data are made freely available to the public, fisheries, marine park managers and tourism operators.

By involving community volunteers and benefiting from in-kind support from dive operator partners, the monitoring program can reach vitally important tourist sites and at a fraction of the cost of government-employed research teams. Since the project’s inception, over 150 volunteers have been trained, 271 surveys have been completed and 76 dive sites surveyed.

Reef Check Australia is raising awareness of the crisis facing coral reefs and encouraging community engagement in environmental issues. Maintaining key partnerships with research institutes and resource managers, their data can be used widely throughout the region to plan for a sustainable future for the reef.

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